Thursday, November 1, 2012

Long time no blog

Blogging again, going to try blogging for a month again, and keep it up, maybe sporadically. I thought about going for the novel, but that really isn’t my type of writing.

So this evening, I will be keeping score for DD#2’s volleyball team, on their quest for state seeding. They have already punched their ticket for state, now all that is left is to try and get the best seed they can, going into state. Going into district, they got the worst seed they could, and still make it, and then punched their ticket the first night. They played a five set and a four set match to earn their way. Winning six out of nine games in one night is earning your way there.

Riding the bus I may start working on a different knitting project, as my current project is losing its portability. I am working on a sweater of my own design for DD#2, and right now I have the back on the circular needle I used up to the divide, and the front is on straights, a bit cumbersome but not too bad. I am going to start a set of wrist warmers for DD#1, she has complained her office is cold, and her birthday is coming up.

I was going to blog ahead what is on tap for tomorrow evening, but I think I will save that for tomorrow’s blog fodder.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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