Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10 on Tuesday Freezer Edition

So, what is in the freezer right now...well, lots of stuff...

  1. Strawberries, uncut, sliced and mashed for making freezer jam.
  2. Marionberries whole for using however we want.
  3. Blueberries, whole and ready for oatmeal, pancakes, muffins or in a crisp
  4. Salmon, step brother has caught quick a few, and they are in our freezer right now.
  5. Chicken, always have to have chicken, it is a staple at our house.
  6. Green beans from the garden, both bush beans and pole beans.
  7. Corn, from the garden.
  8. Clams, Sonny boy is quite the clam digger and we have plenty of razor clams.
  9. Pork, got half a pig from some friends.
  10. Ice cream, a must at our house.
There are lots of other things, but the home frozen berries and veggies are what stand out when you open the freezer.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy time

Last night was a work appointment at the end of the work day, followed by Sonny Boy's football game. They won, 49-28. It was a far closer game than the score indicates. Yes, it was a middle school game, but the coaches don't make an effort to run up the score on other teams. As a matter of fact, first game of the season, the starters were pulled before the first half was over, as they were simply having their way with the other team.

Tonight, the Volleyball team came here for dinner prior to their match. A well played match at that, but we came up on the short end of the stick. The ref was a friend of mine from high school, she did say my daughter is a joy to watch play.

So, I missed blogging yesterday, failed in my blogtoberfest bid, but I am going to keep blogging on a far more regular basis.

I just started a test knit, and I like it so far. But I will not be posting pictures of it. I will be posting pictures of other projects, and things.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 Things to love about Fall

10 on Tuesday

10 Things to love about Fall
  1. Cool, crisp air. For me, this makes for good sleeping, I like to have the room cool and to snuggle down under the covers.
  2. Sweater weather. I have always liked sweaters, but now that I can make my own, even better.
  3. Rain. I am a native to the Pacific NW, rain is part of my life, and hearing rain fall reinforces the coziness of home.
  4. Homecoming parades. As one of the teachers may have said, it is a cheesy little parade, but it is OUR cheesy little parade.
  5. Volleyball. I love volleyball, and even though my girls have played nearly year around, there is something special about the High School season, as opposed to club.
  6. Football and Cheerleading. All my kids are involved in this, in one way or another, family bonding and fun. Sonny Boy is good at football, and sports make him work harder in school, no grades, no play, works for me.
  7. The smell of woodsmoke from fireplaces. A cozy smell of fall.
  8. The colors as the leaves turn, such a rich palette, and colors I can wear.
  9. Soup for dinner, rich savory homemade soups. I love it.
  10. New crop apples, fresh and freshly pressed apple cider, and apple cider just as it starts to develop the tang before it turns to apple jack.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Kids going back to school is another good reason, but that part of my life is on the downhill slide. After 17 years, the number of kids in school by requirement is going down. College is different, as they have a choice about going, rather than going to school because they are told to go.

Dang, I think I missed Monday

But, then again, maybe I didn't, as I have not yet been to bed. Worked the gate at a MS JV football game, then went to the MS volleyball game. Watched as good friends daughter crashed and burned. Middle schoolers mom is at a hospital 2 hours north, with a different family member. Went with them to the ER as substitute Mom (complete with all the release paperwork explained and handed to me, I refused to sign the discharge papers, made Dad do that.) Dad is great for a lot of things, but sometimes teenage girls want a mom shoulder to cry on.

I will post my 10 on Tuesday later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 3 of Blogtoberfest

Homecoming picture from October 2, 2o1o.
DD #2 and her date for Homecoming. They had such a pretty day for Homecoming. She is actually wearing 4 inch heels and is still that much smaller than he is.
Today I feel as if I have accomplished quite a bit. Made breakfast for DD #2, Sonny Boy and their cousin. Sonny Boy helped, he made the scrambled eggs. DD # 2 did clean up and swept the house. Good kids. Then I did the meal planning for the week, with the kids. Thursday is easy, chicken fettucine alfredo, caeser salad, garlic bread and probably a berry crisp, for 20. The volleyball team and coaches are coming for dinner, plus Sonny Boy, DD #1, Boyfriend, coaches daughter and Boyfriend's little sister. I hit Costco for the groceries, put them away, walked on the treadmill for an hour and knit, now I am blogging.
I am over halfway done with the knitting on the baby blanket. Tonight I will do some more seaming on the blanket and possibly take a picture to post tomorrow.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Tonight is Homecoming for DD #2. In an effort to save money, I am going to make her date's boutonniere. Homecoming is not exactly formal around here, he is wearing Jordan's and a hat to complete his outfit, and I do not mean fedora or bowler, cap would be a more appropriate description. The boys won the football game last night, 55-0, so they have some reason to celebrate. It might be more impressive if the other team had actually won a game so far this year.

Pictures to come later.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 1

Fall is here and it is a busy time of year. DD #1 is cheering for a college football team. She got dropped from a full extension in practice earlier this week, so she will NOT be cheering at the game this weekend. College is going well for her, but she is finding out she really is much faster paced than HS.

DD #2 is playing volleyball, starting as an outside hitter for the varsity team, as a sophomore. She was also chosen as one of the team captains. So she has practice three nights a week and matches two nights a week. They are a very young team, and the season thus far has not gone quite as they would like. They are growing as a team.

Sonny boy is playing MS football, starting as a lineman on both offense and defense. They are undefeated, but he was rather disappointed with the game last night. He didn't get to sack the quarterback the entire game, after getting three sacks last week. It was also his first experience with really bad homer officials. I had to laugh, because that was the one place my HS basketball coach (a very fair and balanced individual, teacher first, coach second, a well played loss was better in his mind than a sloppily, lazily played win) actually said the outcome of a game was influenced by the officiating.

On the knitting front, I am working on a baby blanket for my neice who had a son last week. I am more than half way done with the knitting, but I am really getting tired of the project. I will try to post a picture of it tomorrow.