Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mom's Birthday

Mom's birthday was yesterday. I got the wristwarmers done, but they are still sitting at my house. Of course, Mom has gone to her Mom's house, and won't be back until next week, so they can be waiting in her P O Box when she gets home, along with Tucker's bibs.

I am so lucky to have the Mom I have, and to still have her. She was almost killed in a car accident 10 years ago. The accident was 15 days before my son was born, so I remember it very well. It was a bit entertaining to be standing the waiting room of a level 5 trauma center and have a Doctor look at me, and offer to transport me to a different hospital. They don't deliver babies. He was actually relieved when I told him I wasn't there for me, I was there for my Mom and she was in X-Ray. He was pretty glad to get me out of the waiting room, and back in her curtain area. They didn't care to have a pregnant lady in the waiting area.

My Mom is truly an amazing lady. She has survived and endured so much, and yet retains her faith in God and in people. I am forever grateful she is my Mom. As I have told her, she may not have been the perfect Mom, but she is the perfect Mom for me. My Mom was infamous for getting to the gym, just as I was walking off the court when I played Volleyball and Basketball in HS. I am not sure she ever actually saw me play, but she was always there.

So, in the last week, for knitting, I knit Mom's wristwarmers, finished a burp cloth for the great granddaughter of some people I go to church with, worked on my daughter's lizard ridge blanket, worked on Banff for me, and the second sock of the first pair of socks I have knit with actual sock yarn.

I also got the Interweave sock book. I am eager to get to the toe of the sock, because the directions in the Interweave book for grafting the toe, look clearer than any other directions I have seen. It is the drawings that go along with the instructions that make it so clear. Unfortunately, I am just on the ribbing at the top, so it will be awhile before I get there. There are some really neat patterns in there, so I will constantly have socks going for awhile. I need to get another small project going (dishcloth type) that I can just keep in the van. I do lots of waiting for my kids in the van, so it is helpful to have something in there at all times.

And, thanks for the comments and welcome to blogland.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Baby Has a Birthday

Ten years ago today my youngest baby was born. He was such a sweet little thing. He is still a sweet thing, but no longer so little. He is a charming and funny little boy. I couldn't be more pleased with who he is, kind, caring and empathetic.

Tonight I finished up the Log Cabin bib I was knitting for my nephew. Tomorrow I should have some pictures to post. Directly after that I cast on some Irish Hiking wrist warmers for my Mom's birthday next week. Lately, everything I have been knitting has been either knitting or ribbing. I figure the cables will be a nice change of pace, for a quick knit.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The beginning

This is new, so we will see how it goes. I plan on blogging about knitting, and my kids, and sewing, and probably a lot of other things as well. I am just a bit tired of being one of the many blogless.

I have pictures to post, and want a place that is mine. So, now I have it.