Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3

The boys won their game last night. They are on to the first round of state playoffs next Saturday. It is a game they are very capable of winning. Winning does take teamwork, a place where this group of boys has been lacking.

The girls are playing today for seeding in the state tournament. They need to win two matches to get the third place seeding. They have played all of the three teams they could face, and have split with the team they are playing first. The loss was on the opponents home court, with homer officials. At our home court, with what I am going to call neutral officials, they won. Today is neutral court (although our girls are probably more comfortable in that gym) and neutral officials. I hope our girls really go to play. The second match, well, it depends on the outcome of the two prior matches. Take that as it comes. As the official scorer for all of our matches today, I can only assure the book is kept correctly.

Working on Wingspan, all knit, all the time, right? Well, except when you are slipping a stitch at the start of the rows. So why the heck last night in the car did I purl back a row? Yeah, I am a happy camper, I have to go visit the frog pond. I want to get that done, and get it back on the needles (alpaca on addi lace needles) before getting into the bouncy bus to go to the district game. We may be taking vans to the district tournament rather than riding the bus today. I know we are taking vans and a car to the state tournament rather than a bus. Makes sense, less fuel and the district doesn’t have to pay a driver, plus driver meals, plus driver room while staying at the tournament.

I am composing this blog post in word, rather than in blogger, and I really hate the grammar checker in word. It is inaccurate if you do not use standard sentence structure. One of the sentences in the prior paragraph had to be recomposed three times before it didn’t get the green underline. In my head I was able to diagram the sentence and verify it was not a fragment, but it was still getting flagged. I had a composition teacher in high school that made use diagram sentences. I hated it, but it was a great tool. Diagraming sentences is not as bad when you can use pen and paper. I had an instructor in college who made us diagram sentences on a typewriter. (They existed prior to word processing applications.) That REALLY sucked.

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