Monday, November 5, 2012

what is the point?

What is the point? Last week you asked if she was going to do something specific. The answer was no, and what she is doing instead. You then launched on, if she was going to do the specific thing, it was up to her to pay for it, and get rides. What is the point, you had been told she was not going to do it and why. Was it that important to say you were unwilling to help?

What is the point? I was having a conversation with that person when you walked up, positioned yourself between us, back to him, and started talking with me. You are 72, not two, you would have been rather intolerant of me had I been so rude to you at any point in my life.

What is the point? Have I done this yet? Yes, and this is the result. Well then you need to do it again, because you don’t have the answer for me I want.

What is the point? Does she need money for this? No, she doesn’t, it isn’t a sport. Oh, wait, you actually listened to an answer rather than going ahead with your pre-determined lecture.

What is the point of pretending to ask and listen to an answer, when you are just using it for a launching point of a lecture? The pretext is old, if you are going to lecture, just get it done already, rather than pretending it is an off the cuff response to my answer.

I am hoping to get Wingspan to the 50% mark today. We will see if it happens.


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