Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 on Tuesday

This week's 10 on Tuesday topic is what to Bring on Vacation. I am really not going on vacation, but just helped 18 year old get ready to go on vacation, so I have some ideas.

  1. Camera -- got to have something to record and share the memories you make.
  2. Snacks -- something for the car ride.
  3. Sense of Adventure -- You have to be open to all the new experiences you may have.
  4. Knitting -- In this case, the completed knit, above was taken, as friend is moving to college in Kansas, and needs something to keep his ears warm over the winter.
  5. Appropriate clothing -- the last minute dash this morning was for the rain jacket.
  6. Money -- always need that.
  7. Sunblock -- my household of blue-eyed blonds can never have too much sunblock.
  8. Music -- travel time requires music.
  9. Comfortable shoes -- I have yet to go on a vacation without walking involved.
  10. People you care about -- OK, probably not technically taking them on vaction, but they are a requirement to make a good vacation.

I am now on book five of my summer reading list. How are you doing on yours?