Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Work in Process and goals for this week.

I have several more works in progress, but these are the two I have plans for this week.

Black socks for the boy. I have less than six more rounds to finish the gusset on sock one, and then the long haul of the size 12 foot. I plan to get the first sock finished this week, and the leg of the second sock started. The leg is just seven inches, so it isn't too bad to get done.

The second WIP is the Mr. Greenjeans cardigan for Aunt Kate. I only have the cuffs, and button band to finish up. This was (is) the project that taught me I don't like knitting duplicate sweaters. I knit one of these for me, and it (for me) flew. Started and done in a month. Most of the knitting on this has not taken long, but I don't like the repeat. I am going to have this finished by next Wednesday. Getting this done will be my independence day celebration.

I don't have pictures of either of these, but will try to get some and add them to the post later. Summer league Volleyball tonight for middle child, so it may not happen. But, a post is getting done.

Ryan, yes I have a blog, but if it were my child I long ago would have been in trouble for neglect. Trying to rectify that situation.

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