Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 Things to love about Fall

10 on Tuesday

10 Things to love about Fall
  1. Cool, crisp air. For me, this makes for good sleeping, I like to have the room cool and to snuggle down under the covers.
  2. Sweater weather. I have always liked sweaters, but now that I can make my own, even better.
  3. Rain. I am a native to the Pacific NW, rain is part of my life, and hearing rain fall reinforces the coziness of home.
  4. Homecoming parades. As one of the teachers may have said, it is a cheesy little parade, but it is OUR cheesy little parade.
  5. Volleyball. I love volleyball, and even though my girls have played nearly year around, there is something special about the High School season, as opposed to club.
  6. Football and Cheerleading. All my kids are involved in this, in one way or another, family bonding and fun. Sonny Boy is good at football, and sports make him work harder in school, no grades, no play, works for me.
  7. The smell of woodsmoke from fireplaces. A cozy smell of fall.
  8. The colors as the leaves turn, such a rich palette, and colors I can wear.
  9. Soup for dinner, rich savory homemade soups. I love it.
  10. New crop apples, fresh and freshly pressed apple cider, and apple cider just as it starts to develop the tang before it turns to apple jack.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Kids going back to school is another good reason, but that part of my life is on the downhill slide. After 17 years, the number of kids in school by requirement is going down. College is different, as they have a choice about going, rather than going to school because they are told to go.

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Annette said...

Fall isn't my favorite season but it is beautiful!! Stopping by from blogtoberfest!