Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 on Tuesday -- Why to watch Football

This week's 10 on Tuesday topic is why to watch football

  1. My son plays football. This will be his 4th year, and the first year he has played he is one of the older experienced boys. He is starting on all the teams and excited.
  2. In small towns, football is the happening social event of fall evenings. You need to see someone in town, go to the football game, they will be there. The last varsity HS football game had around 4000 people at the game. Not bad for a school district with less than 500 kids. (The game was the 2008 State Champs vs the 2009 State Champs.)
  3. It is fun to watch football.
  4. It is a family event.
  5. DD #1 cheers for one of the local college teams. OK, I don't care so much about that team, could care less if they win or lose, but I want to watch the kiddo cheer.
  6. Great knitting time, and it is nice to knit wool in cold weather. I work on a blanket for my daughter during football season, one of these years I may even finish it.
  7. Great place to show off the hand knits. Again, cool weather and knitting are made to go together.
  8. Good fund raiser for the High School. Parents do a lot of fund raising at the football games, and the funds help all of the High School teams.
  9. Root for the home team. Support the local kids.
  10. Being involved with my kids and showing that I support what they regard as important.


Nichole said...

Happy Football watching!

Lucia said...

Those are all great reasons! My daughter, a newly minted high-school freshman, went to her football game last week with a friend and met several boys. Sigh. Maybe I should go with her next time.