Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not So Boring Boy Socks

Not long after I posted the other day, I had Joe try on what was done of the sock. I wanted to make sure it was comfortable for him. He felt it was too big, and would not stay up. Trip to the frog pond it was. I cast on 8 fewer stitches, and I am almost to where I was, I think I am past the picture again. The reason they are now the 'Not so boring boy socks' is they are not going to be solid blue. He saw the green I am going to make the next pair out of, and requested the heel flaps and toes be green. OK, so they are still not the most entertaining knit, but I have color changes to look forward to after awhile. The green pair will now have blue heels and toes. Fairly daring for him. I have another inch and a quarter of the first leg, and then I will be onto the heel flap. I have about 10 hours of knitting time each day this weekend at volleyball tournaments. I am pretty sure at least one pair of socks will be completed prior to the end of the weekend. I am a bit of a slow knitter, but 20 hours of knitting, or close to it, I should get quite a bit knocked out.

I will attach a picture later today, but it really does not look substantially different at this point. Maybe later it will, and it will be a more interesting picture.

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Quail Hill Knits said...

The socks sound as though they will be quite interesting when complete. I will be checking back later to see the completed project.